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Louise works behind the scenes of Celebrity Who Wants To Be A ­Millionaire — on which Martin was a guest at Christmas — having ­previously worked on Big Brother. They spent New Year together at James’s Hampshire home, and Louise was in the ­passenger seat of his silver Ferrari at Brooklands race track on New Year’s Day.

The lives of 257 ­servicemen were lost to ensure that the Falkland Islands remain a British dependency. For, to the astonishment of the ­Falklands’ hardy residents and soldiers who fought to liberate them almost 30 years ago, the islands were re-­christened ‘the Malvinas’ — the contentious name for the islands used by Argentina — by the writers of children’s TV show The Sarah Jane Adventures.

It’s possible she caught his eye when, scantily clad for an episode of Big Brother, she sat on a contestant’s knee and planted red-lipstick kisses on his cheek.

Yet, in an episode entitled Death Of The Doctor, the BBC's Sarah Jane series did just that when describing how a character travelled back from South America to Britain, saying he went ‘via Las Malvinas’.Clarence House says it has received a number of requests from causes keen to have ‘Princess Catherine’ on their official notepaper.Aides, however, want Kate to ‘find her feet’ before taking on formal royal duties.Perhaps she’s holding out for Grease’s lead role of Sandy.

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She once posed with only a strategically placed pair of oven gloves for the ­photographer son of MP Nicholas Soames.But gamine model Alice Rugge-Price will be more decorously clothed for her next big assignment — her wedding day.

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