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``(D) Materials in custody of court.-- ``(i) In general.--Any materials seized under this paragraph shall be taken into the custody of the court.The court shall secure the seized material from physical and electronic access during the seizure and while in the custody of the court.As with the schemes from [JKK14] and Camenisch et al [CLLN14], we do not require secure channels or PKI other than in the initialization stage.

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``(G) Action for damage caused by wrongful seizure.--A person who suffers damage by reason of a wrongful or excessive seizure under this paragraph has a cause of action against the applicant for the order under which such seizure was made, and shall be entitled to the same relief as is provided under section 34(d)(11) of the Trademark Act of 1946 (15 U. The motion shall include, when possible, the desired encryption method.

``(F) Seizure hearing.-- ``(i) Date.--A court that issues a seizure order shall hold a hearing on the date set by the court under subparagraph (B)(v).

``(ii) Burden of proof.--At a hearing held under this subparagraph, the party who obtained the order under subparagraph (A) shall have the burden to prove the facts supporting the findings of fact and conclusions of law necessary to support the order.

``(ii) Storage medium.--If the seized material includes a storage medium, or if the seized material is stored on a storage medium, the court shall prohibit the medium from being connected to a network or the Internet without the consent of both parties, until the hearing required under subparagraph (B)(v) and described in subparagraph (F).

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``(iii) Protection of confidentiality.--The court shall take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of seized materials that are unrelated to the trade secret information ordered seized pursuant to this paragraph unless the person against whom the order is entered consents to disclosure of the material.For this we present a UC definition of PPSS that relaxes the UC formalism of [CLLN14] in a way that enables more efficient PPSS schemes (by dispensing with the need to extract the user's password in the simulation) and present a UC-based definition of Oblivious PRF (OPRF) that is more general than the (Verifiable) OPRF definition from [JKK14] and is also crucial for enabling our performance optimization.

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