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Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you a weekly update on the latest trends and what they mean to your world.Video production in Japan is an incredible experience.In a two-person call you can also switch who has the dominant window and who is reduced to a corner spot.That means you can surf the net, send an email, or just flick through your image gallery to find that perfect shot you want to share, all while maintaining audio and visual contact with your friends on video chat.Like many populous cities, the inhabitants had to maximize the space and build up, not out.Extremely tall concrete buildings that resembled battleships from the sea were the solution, and how the island lost its official name of Hashima and became known as Battleship Island instead.All those features, the presence of ads, more than 30 add-on apps, and a half dozen different “stores” where you get your latest stickers and selfie tricks, makes LINE tough to navigate at times. It can only accommodate four people at the moment, but it’s easy to connect across devices and platforms, and you can arrange your chat windows into a variety of alignments.By tapping the top of your i OS or Android screen, you can cycle through a range of chat window setups, be it horizontal or vertical, each particular caller’s place on the grid.

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Used in James Bond: Sky Fall as well as the music video for B'z's "Lonely Town", Gunkanjima is a ghost island near Nagasaki City.

If you’re contemplating shooting video in Japan, here’s some locations you should check out.

Yonaguni Island, the westernmost point and island of Japan, is a remote Okinawa island that is actually closer to Taiwan than Japan.

The formerly-inhabited (and formerly owned by Mitsubishi until 1974) island looms like Alcatraz from the only boats that will go there.

5,000 coal miners and other workers lived on the tiny island, creating the highest population density in the world at one time.Getting started with LINE video calling is a little cumbersome as you need both your phone number and email, and there are obviously no links to your Facebook friends database.

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