Ron goldman and nicole brown simpson dating

30-Nov-2017 17:59

Simpson is pictured at his murder trial in 1995 'The prosecution did an admirable job but the courtroom was a free-for-all because of Judge Ito. Lee Baily, Robert Kardashian and Alan Dershowitz said there were too many white people in Santa Monica and they would convict 'the killer'.

'I understand Johnnie Cochran said if they just get one black person on the jury "the killer" would be acquitted, I guess he was right.

But in this country celebrities, no matter what their race, are treated differently.

Payback: Goldman is still keeping tabs on OJ, who is serving a nine to 33 year sentence for conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas. was found not guilty of the double murder, Fred Goldman and his family filed a wrongful death lawsuit and on February 5, 1997 the civil jury unanimously found the former NFL Hall-Of-Famer guilty of battery against Ron and Nicole.

Fred has never heard from any of Simpson's children but he still wanted to do the right thing by Nicole's children.

Enduring pain: 'Whether it's two days, two months or now twenty years later, nothing has changed.' Ron Goldman's father Fred says about the murder of his son 20 years ago this week.

'Ron was...this is one of those moments I was talking about earlier (Fred got very emotional and began to cry, he stopped the interview for about 20 seconds to regain his composure) .... He was not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.