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21-Jun-2017 23:49

I guess we can only really find out when the chat room is made and trial its effectiveness. She took off my clothes after dinner and picked me up, put me into bed with her and raped me.

:) Thanks for the link @maku and thank you for the support other dear listeners and members :) Please forgive me. Two men fondled, patted, and pinched my bare butt as I was about to change into my street clothes in a shower room.

I have been searching for a support network with people who have actually been through the same thing as me for a while, and its actually what I think would speed up my recovery.

It helps to know that others have been through the same thing and you can learn a lot from the steps that other people in the same situation have taken in their treatment and management of the experience.

We do have a sexual assault place on the forums, and you're more than welcome to speak to listeners about this...

I agree, it could be troublesome and would have to be moderated all the time.

I think its difficult to find a chat room/support network for rape victims; but this would strengthen many to speak up against their perpetrators and provide support with a rape support member acting as a moderator... Hi @soft Friend28 and everyone else who posted here!

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Teachers, parents, librarians and other adults want to encourage children and young people to make maximum use of the positive and creative possibilities of the internet, but they also feel, to varying degrees, responsible for steering them away from the dark side.I can see where it seems like a room devoted to assault survivors would seem like a good idea.