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Create a mobile identity, browse personals to find someone that interests you, and start flirting whenever you want. Urbian is a combined mobile and web application designed to expand your network where new connections are actually made - in real life Rocke Talk - Friendship - (For latest version or in case of any problem while downloading Rocke Talk, please visit ' from your mobile phone.) Supported devices - Nokia 320x240 Java phones.

Text chatting is boring, spice it up with FREE UNLIMITED voice, video and picture chat.

Because of the rules, I can't insert a smilie at each domain I found to be funny, so please imagine them there Marriage -- reg fee Loveless -- $XX Sikh -- reg fee Varsity -- $XX Islamic -- ? Hit -- reg fee Elegant --$XX Speed Date -- reg fee --hypened, not good reg fee Match --reg fee Love --it's an org, reg fee Trademark --that's new..fee Trademark --same Trademark -- same Trademark --same Trademark -- same College --interesting, India -- reg fee Match --org domain e -- reg fee China -- reg fee Global -- $XX Date -- reg fee Global -- reg fee International -- $XX World --org e -- $XX Hello --original.

, I'm not sure they're allowed to do that , reg fee Cyber --$XX Popular -- reg fee vip --$XX Match -- suitable for a firematch company , $XX -- good one, Matchmaking -- reg fee Cyber Dating -- reg fee Cyber Dating -- reg fee Lovelorn -- less that reg fee Lovelorn --same -- same Dating --nice one, $XX Flirt --$XX Heart --reg fee Kiss -- reg fee Match -- same as matchguru Galaxy -- maybe in 2100 , but for now $XX Romance -- nice, Pak -- reg fee Pyar -- reg fee Ishq --worthless -- reg fee GMatch --reg fee Love -- $XX Love -- good one, more than Love -- it's an org, pretty worthless, reg fee e Dating -- good one too, Next -- has potential, $XX My -- it's an org, reg fee 1800Find -- $XX e -- org vip -- $XX Romance --reg fee Mr Kiss -- wierd, $X A1-- reg fee Heart -- nice, $XX Lose Your --I'm not sure about this Match --good one, $XX Flirt -- same as above Flirt -- $XX Flirt --$XX Marriage --$XX Marriage -- good one, $XX Marry -- same as above Vip -- pretty long, reg fee Speed Dating -- $X Elite --I'm not sure elite would use a dating service e -- has potential, $XX Ideal -- what's ideal about a bride ? $XX Date -- $X Dating Club -- good one, $XX Date --strange, reg fee Date --reg fee Romance --really nice, above Local -- depending where it's used.

My first image of such an object was, no doubt, 3C273, in March 1995.

This image (only one frame) was taken from Valldoreix, Barcelona, with a C8″, a Nikkormat FTN camera, Kodak TMax400 B&W film (pushed at ISO 800, developed at home), exposure time 600s and auto-guided with an ST-4.

"Vicinity Match - Location Based (cached) " uses Location Based Service (GPS) to make a match between you and other people.

It also allows you to send and receive anonymous messages between matched users Cellflirt Chat 24hr Trial Sign up with Cellflirt and instantly chat with thousands of people in your area. From casual to romantic, Cellflirt has whatever you’re looking for. And make a connection with people near you Urbian - What do you have in common with the people around you? How did you find your last job and how do you make friends?

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Appreciate your comments and the time that you have taken to comment on the domains.Galaxy Mobile Social Network - Make new friends, marry, own pets, play online games (quiz, football, mafia etc) are few of the benefits you will have with Galaxy.Access, ICQ and many other accounts from withing the Galaxy mobile social network.The field seems to have some great potential I think.

Will appreciate a comment or two on these domains as well.

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