Dating old cameras

03-Sep-2017 05:27

This camera is in great cosmetic condition, especially for a 40-year-old (according to the manufacturer's markings underneath the pressure plate inside the film compartment it was made in 1967, making it one of the first produced.

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My girlfriend´s trip 35 = November / 1967"japanese caracter" 7 Y, with chrome shutter button. Just received a mint condition trip I bought through ebay - even came with the original flash, instructions, and box! Haven't even run a roll through it, but will post some photos once I do. Hey everyone, I've just picked up a trip from the postie today.The code consists of 3 characters: 1st Japanese character or letter (in later models) signifying the assembly plant. I have several trips myself, the earliest being april 1972.2nd number representing the last digit of the year of assembly (e.g. 3rd number or letter representing the month of assembly, 1-9 for Jan-Sep, X, Y, Z for Oct-Dec. Maybe we should find out if anyone has an earlier version than POSTEDNOTES .Oh, and I'd not heard of the Trip until I read Ken Rock's article, so at least he's good for something, aye!!

And number two has finally arrived - chrome button, N82, so Feb 68.

In the first place the serial number stamped in the body is not a seven digit number; it is a six digit number: #150813. But the stamping on the door plate is simply this: 8--(7)I should interpret: it is the numeral 8 followed by a long dash then a seven inside a complete circle. I just got Trip Number 2, purchased from an auction house in New Mexico, in the mail. New Trip owner here, number one just arrived in the mail. After a four year absence from shooting film, I'm back and keen to get going! Second Trip (I couldn't help myself) coming in a few days, will check that out when it gets here.

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