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20-Nov-2017 17:11

Female friends and colleagues have told me that across social groups women will wait for the man, usually dropping hints along the way without asking themselves. Once a guy has proposed, he is then expected to tell the woman’s parents over dinner.

In the past this was very much like asking for permission.

But when you start dating Czech women, what are the basic things to avoid, to make a good impression? In the western world, a handshake is the norm when meeting a person for the first time.

But for the Czech, the proper greeting is a kiss on the cheek.

Shaking of hands may be appropriate when you are leaving and only among men. When visiting a friend in Prague, small gifts are an expectation.

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But be aware that giving a gift that is too expensive might come across as you trying to buy the affection of the lady you are visiting, or might come across as a tad bit cocky.

When things take a turn for the more serious, then little expensive gifts become acceptable, but never in the early stages.

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