Dating a fellow grad student

20-Jul-2017 03:29

(See also Stanford University's Export Control policy below.) When a student's relationship with an outside entity is part of his/her Stanford academic program, it is inappropriate for the student's entire project at the outside entity to be secret or proprietary to the extent that the student cannot discuss his work in at least general terms with his teachers, advisors, or fellow students.

Students must be able to discuss their work with their faculty advisors, to present their work at seminars that may be a component of an internship program, and to summarize their work in oral reports, term papers, honors theses, and dissertations.

Alternatively, students may undertake a research project or other activity in collaboration with an outside entity, in some cases even performed at the outside entity's site.

Where this is allowed as part of the student's academic program (for example, research for a Ph. dissertation or an undergraduate Honors project), a faculty advisor must approve and oversee the student's project and be responsible for the student's grade and the certification of the appropriateness of the dissertation.

Is dating within your own department okay or should it be discouraged? How early should I start thinking about graduate school? Do I choose one that is easy and convenient or one that pushes me out of my...

Policies expressed are consistent with and cross-reference existing policies on: As discussed in more detail below, these policies are intended to be consistent with Stanford's current policy that full-time study is expected of all undergraduate and graduate students and, in some situations, of postdoctoral scholars as well.

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