Dad with shared custody dating

16-Dec-2017 17:35

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The compelling vulnerability that two people at this stage of life readily reveal so soon after meeting, and sometimes even on a very first date, can be so freeing.

It's because we know ourselves so much better at this stage of life, and when it feels right, it's like we're 20 years old again but without the insecurities and naivete of our youth.

I've been a dad for 11 years, and a single dad for almost seven of them.

Just below the surface of everything else that I feel in my daily life is the realization that having only 35 percent custody often makes me feel like a 35 percent dad, and it can often be a painful and unnatural state of being.

Then imagine taking every other piece from one puzzle and replacing it with the similarly positioned piece from the other.

Whether it's a 25 piece puzzle like the ones my kids used to put together, or a 500 piece puzzle, there will most certainly be gaps, misfits, and some pieces (or people) will probably get bent out of shape.

We can open up entirely, seeming to have nothing to lose.

I'm starting to worry that I won't see him that much now and that may ruin the chances of a future relationship because he's a single father.But the point I want to make about custody schedules is that if Louis and I were actually friends we'd only be able to hang out if our custody schedules aligned.

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