Can a girl ask a guy out online dating

06-Oct-2017 01:17

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Why put yourself in a situation that's likely to hurt you?

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After all, waiting is not all that fun, especially for impatient folks who have places to go and people to see.

Chet Baker's song, "I fall in love too easily" is basically written for me—so it is emotionally safer for me to wait to be asked.

Then, I don't have to worry whether or not it's a pity date, he doesn't "like me", etc.

In the interest of disclosure I'll note I'm a guy, so my opinion is admittedly less relevant...

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That said I would appreciate a woman comfortable enough to approach me.Which is why I don't like to put myself in those kinds of scenarios. Similarly, if you are the type of woman who wants to be traditionally wooed, then don't ask a guy out. I don't want a guy to know that I have feelings for him until he makes it obvious that he has feelings for me.